Modern & advanced

We've carefully designed our maternity center to offer the most advanced technology and amenities in a safe, comfortable environment. Our goal is to provide you with the personalized birthing experience you deserve while keeping you and your baby's safety as our first priority.

Maternity care that goes above and beyond

The Family Maternity Center at Sentara CarePlex Hospital offers:

  • 7 private LDRP birthing suites – you’ll be able to stay in the same all-inclusive suite for labor, delivery and after your child is born. Sentara is the only health system on the Peninsula to offer LDRP rooms.
  • The latest amenities and technology, including wireless fetal monitoring systems and pain management delivery
  • Controlled-access entrance with state-of-the-art infant protection system to ensure the safety of your child and family
  • Cozy newborn nursery for interested moms
  • Dedicated C-section room and recovery area within the center

Caring for you

Our experienced nurses are trained in a variety of childbirth methods, and will get to know you and your preferences to help provide the birthing experience you want. Doulas are welcome, and our Board-Certified Lactation Consultant is accessible 24 hours a day/7 days a week for breastfeeding support.

We also offer dedicated quiet time – think of it as putting a “do not disturb” sign on your door. Quiet hours are specific times throughout the day when we will make sure no one disturbs you.

Caring for your baby

Having skin-to-skin contact with your baby right after they are born is important to help you bond. That is why we encourage a “Magic Hour,” so that your baby can spend their first hour after birth resting skin-to-skin on your chest and bonding with you.

If you decide that you need some alone time to rest or relax, we have a cozy newborn nursery that you can use at your discretion. We will take care of your baby in the nursery and bring them back to your room when you are ready.

Have your baby here

Let us share your joy! To deliver at Sentara CarePlex Hospital, there are a few steps to take first. Click below to learn more.

Deliver with us

Educational classes for your entire pregnancy journey

We partner with Hampton Healthy Families to offer classes that help you prepare for birth – and everything beyond. Some of these classes include L.A.M.B. (Labor and My Baby), breastfeeding classes, sibling and “rookie” parenting classes, child development classes, and more. For a list and schedule of available programs, please call (757) 727- 1300 or visit Hampton Healthy Families.